Birmingham School of Art MA Show 2020

UnavoidableBirmingham School of Art MA Show 2020

Fine Art

Jaz Morrison

Jaz Morrison
'ALPHABET PEOPLE' (2020). Digital Collage. A Black woman looking up from a murky abyss. England flags are where her eyes should be.
'ALPHABET PEOPLE/N*GGAS WITH MBE's' (2020). Digital Collage.

"Though various things inspire my work, I always find myself going back to history and space. History because nothing happens in a vacuum, and so everything is informed by something else. And space because everything exists within it, as well as the precarious way physical space has been treated throughout history. It would be nice to say that I used identity as the prism through which these two themes intersect. And from it I wish to tell stories and add to existing discourse."

when a person attempts to cross the sea, 'it's because you're already dead.'

- Jaz Morrison (2020), Why 'Atlantics' is a beautiful reflection of Blackness, Black Ballad


Jaz Morrison is a writer and visual artist based in Birmingham, UK. She explores history and social space through photography and collage. By embracing subversive aesthetics, Jaz provides a basis for memory- and sense-making, which she describes as 'storytelling'.

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MA Fine Art

Thoughts x Prayers (2020). Digital Collage
a satirical take on a now-common response to tragedy.
Sticky Objects: Stool (2020). Paper Collage
addressing the media's role in perpetuating harmful messaging.
Hand Through a Frame (2019). Digital Collage
a response to performative accessibility.
Tetrahydrocannabinol (2019). Digital Collage
an exploration into speculative safe spaces.
To Heaven II (2020). Digital Collage
part of a 4-part panel on resistance.
Sugar, Honey, Ice, Tea (2019). Digital Photography
commenting on the relationship between accessibility and imposter's syndrome.
Wallflower (2020). Paper Collage x Digital Photography
a critique of Black people who uphold oppressive systems.
Peaceful Protest (2020). Digital Collage
a response to criticisms of resistance